WordMasters BLUE – Fall 2007 – Session 1 – Grade 3


Short definition of the word*

sample sentence using the word

(see also: connected WordMaster words)


a group, set, collection

The second batch of cookies was perfect.

(see also: flock, herd, corral)


1)     fearless, brave, daring
The new kid boldly told the bully to stop.
(see also: daredevil, cautious, coward)

2)    made more noticeable, to stand out, emphasize
The poster had a single bold word: PEACE.


careful, alert, wary

Always be cautious when walking in mall parking lots.

(see also: coward, bold, daredevil)


1)     a cage, pen, or fenced-in area for holding animals

2)    to put animals into a cage or fenced area
She corralled the sheep into the larger corral.
(see also: herd)


someone who is afraid to act; not the same as being afraid, brave people are afraid but face the danger, cowards are afraid but run away

The British army was bigger and stronger, but the Colonists were not cowards and stayed to fight for independence.

(see also: bold, cautious, daredevil)


to fall apart into small pieces, usually slowly

Over many years of weathering, mountains and rocks crumble into sand.

(see also: shatter)


someone who does wild, crazy, dangerous things to show off how brave he is or for show

The first time the daredevil tried to skateboard over the rock pile he broke both legs.

(see also: cautious, bold, coward)


1)     glittery, very bright
The fairy dust was dazzling in the sunlight.
(see also: dim)

2)    amazing, stunning, incredible
Her zigzag run down the soccer field for the winning goal was dazzling.


waver, goof off, or delay acting

“Sally! If you dillydally any more you’ll be late for school.”

(see also: loaf)


not very bright, or to make something less bright

By mistake, the librarian dimmed the light so much that it was too dim to read.

(see also: dazzling)


Hanging, limp, looking tired

Her arms were drooping from carrying water to all the dry, droopy flowers.

(see also: glum)


1)     to blink, to go on, off, on, off, sparkle
The shadows of the trees along the street caused the sunlight to flicker on the windshield.
(see also: flutter, dazzling)

2)    appear and disappear suddenly
At first, he had a flicker of hope that he did well on the math test, but failing it made him glum.

3)    a type of brown bird that searches for food on the ground by tossing the leaves
She knew the bird was a flicker because it was too big to be a sparrow.


a group of animals, usually birds

The loud noise was a large flock of geese flying overhead going south for the winter.

(see also: herd, corral, batch)


to flap, wave, tremble

She watched the batch of butterflies flutter past.

(see also: flicker)


gloomy, sad, depressed

At first, he had a flicker of hope that he did well on the math test, but failing it made him glum.

(see also: droopy)


a group of animals, often farm animals, or to gather together into a group

John herded the horses into one corral, and then he put the herd of cows into different corral.

(see also: flock, corral, batch)


a person who tries to get money by lying, cheating, and tricking, someone who is a “scam artist”

Be cautious online because there are many hustlers.


1)     lazy or goofing off
”Don’t just loaf around – go outside and play!”
(see also: dillydally)

2)    uncut bread or other baked food
She baked one loaf of bread with cinnamon, and one loaf with chocolate chips.


1)     frightened, scared, in a panic
The storm made her so nervy that every flash of lightening made her scream.

2)    rude, or to act without courtesy
Everyone though he was being nervy to arrive at the birthday party without being invited.
(see also: bold)


1)     mix up or mess up
I like scrambled eggs more than fried eggs.

2)    Run or move quickly, or take quick action
They had to scramble over the mudslide to get back to their car.


1)     break into small pieces, usually quickly
The rock shattered the window.
(see also: crumble)

2)    to destroy quickly
The team’s hope for victory was shattered by half-time.


thin, narrow, small

The hall was so slender that only slender people could walk down it without hitting the walls.


slide, glide on the ground, slink

They saw a snake slither and slide across the cabin floor.


the nose and mouth of an animal that sticks out

The pig hurt his snout when he ran face first into the wall.


1)     the place where pigs or other dirty animals live
”Yuck! Your bedroom looks like a pig sty.”
(see also: corral)

2)    A small infection like a pimple on the eyelid
The sty in her eye looked awful, but it didn’t hurt.