WordMasters BLUE – Fall 2007 – Session 1 – Grade 5


Short definition of the word*

sample sentence using the word

(see also: connected WordMaster words)


a slow walk, stroll, mosey

Calm your spirit with an amble through a garden.

(see also: leisurely, mellow, hightail, serene, tranquil)


a sudden success or discovery

There was a breakthrough in medicine when penicillin was discovered.

(see also: inspiration)


a hole, an animal home in the ground, or to dig a hole

Many people don’t know that foxes live in a burrow.


attractive, catches your attention

The audience is captivated when a great author reads her own stories and poems.

(see also: charisma, charm)


charm, appealing personality, a person who attracts others has charisma

The politician won the election because she had great charisma, not because of great ideas.

(see also: captivating, charm)


1)     attraction, lure, or appeal
She has a charming smile and a radiant face, but a high, shrill, irritating voice.
(see also: captivating, charisma)

2)    to catch and keep someone’s attention, mesmerize
Once she has charmed you, you will never forget her.

3)    an ornament worn for decoration, good luck, or protection from evil spirits
Some people have a rabbit’s foot as a good luck charm.


a chest or safe for holding valuables, especially money

The robbery was total; the coffer was empty, the closets were empty, even their food was taken.

(see also: vault)


a baby bird about ready to leave the nest

The fledgling ducks were learning to care for themselves.

(see also: tenderfoot, mature)


to push someone into doing something, to hassle or prod

Don’t let someone goad you into doing something wrong.


to wrestle, struggle, or fight, often with yourself

He grappled with the thought that he had failed math.

(see also: scuffle, scuttle)


to leave quickly, often to escape something

The roar of the bear made them hightail back to the car.

(see also: amble, leisurely, mellow, serene, tranquil)


to motivate or encourage

A great teacher will inspire you to go for the gold.

(see also: breakthrough)


not in a hurry, easy, relaxed, slow & gentle

To become serene, amble through the garden or take a leisurely walk with a charming friend through the woods.

(see also: amble, mellow, hightail, serene, tranquil)


1)     grown up or adult
Insects have three life stages: egg, larva, and the adult stage, which is the mature stage.
(see also: tenderfoot, fledgling)

2)    ripe or ready
The young fruit is hard and tasteless, but the mature fruit is soft and sweet.


rich, full, gentle, and pleasant, or easy going

When the orchestra played the charming, leisurely song with no brass instruments, the air was filled with soft, captivating mellow sounds.

(see also: amble, leisurely, hightail, serene, tranquil)


goal, mark of progress, high point

The milestone of his life was when he reached his milestone of earning one million dollars.


1)     bright, glowing, giving off light
Distant stars may be more radiant than our sun, but they are so far away that they don’t look as bright.
(see also: shimmering)

2)    happy, healthy, joyful
She has a charming smile and a radiant face, but a high, shrill, irritating voice.


a small fight or brawl

The scuffle during recess was enough to get both boys suspended for a week.

(see also: grapple, scuttle)


1)     to spoil, ruin, or wreck
When the treasure ship sank, his plans to fill his coffer with gold were scuttled.
(see also: grapple, scuffle)

2)    quick run, dash, or scurry
He scuttled this way and that way as he hightailed it through the woods back into town.
(see also: amble, leisurely)


calm, peaceful, or quiet

The gentle breeze and serene ocean inspired her to write tranquil poetry.

(see also: amble, leisurely, mellow, hightail, tranquil)


shining, sparkling, gleaming, or flickering

The reflection of the moon and stars was shimmering on the tranquil lake.

(see also: radiant)


a claw, usually of a bird

The talons of an eagle are strong enough to catch and hold a salmon.


a beginner, newcomer, or apprentice

A tenderfoot will make mistakes that a mature rider won’t make.

(see also: fledgling, mature)


calm, peaceful, quiet, or restful

The reflection of the moon and stars was shimmering on the tranquil lake.

(see also: amble, leisurely, mellow, hightail, serene)


1)     a large safe or burial chamber
A bank vault keeps the money safe, a burial vault keeps the soul safe.
(see also: coffer)

2)    to jump over, leap, hurdle
In the pole vault competition, the pole becomes a big spring to vault the athlete up and over the bar.