WordMasters BLUE Fall 2007 Session 1 Grade 6


Short definition of the word*

sample sentence using the word

(see also: connected WordMaster words)


slip back, return to a previous way or state, usually back towards a bad or sinful way

The month away at summer camp caused him to backslide on his table manners. (see also: relapse, recoup)


an unexpected success or triumph, a clever action; pronounce coup like koo, the p is silent

The chess master won with a skillful coup using his queen and rook. (see also: falter, flounder, rout)


a beginner or amateur, to do something off & on

She was well known as a fiction writer, but she was also a dabbler in poetry. (see also: delve)


to look into, search, dig deeper

After her teacher read them a story about Rome, Beth wanted to delve into Roman history. (see also: dabbler)


a tool for figuring something out
A modern hospital has diagnostic equipment like CAT scans and X-ray machines.


pause, hesitate, weaken, or fade

As she climbed the stairs to the stage we knew she was nervous because of her faltering steps.

(see also: coup, flounder, rout)


1)     to struggle, have difficulty, hesitate
The team started the game floundering, but then their playing became more robust and they won.
(see also: coup, falter, rout)

2)    an edible flat bottom dwelling fish
They were trying to catch crabs, but only one small flounder took the bait.


a man who is really concerned about his appearance

Even though all his clothes were slightly out of style, everyone knew he was a fop. (see also: natty, suave)


off-hand, not thoughtful, slightly rude, insincere

She began to doubt his friendship after he made some glib comments about her appearance.
(see also: poise, robust, suave, taciturn, vibrant)


slow, lacking interest, unhurried, lazy

The whole class late to lunch because of the languid pace of the line leader. (see also: meander, mosey)


1)     wander, drift about, stroll, slow walk
Rather than playing at recess, she just meandered around the playground. (see also: languid, mosey)

2)    zigzag, back and forth, twist
After passing the Fall Line, most rivers in Virginia meander their way to the ocean.


to wander, to walk in a relaxed way, saunter, stroll

One way to relax is to mosey down a beach looking for shells and driftwood. (see also: meander, languid)


dressed neat, trim, and tidy

The gentleman was clearly a fop as his whole outfit was natty, from his head to toes. (see also: fop, suave)


high point, very top, peak

The pinnacle of her career was when she won the Nobel Prize for literature. (see also: zenith)


locate the exact location, isolate, identify

By using a diagnostic test you can pinpoint which math skills you need to work on the most.


1)     posture, upright, with dignity
Even though she had a troubled childhood, she walked with grace and poise.
(see also: glib, robust, suave, taciturn, vibrant)

2)    hover, ready to act, perch
The cat was poised to jump onto the mouse.


recover, get back something that was gone or lost; unlike the word coup, you DO say the p in recoup: re-koop

He finally got a lucky poker hand and was able to recoup everything he had lost. (see also: relapse, backslide)


to go back, usually to something bad

After three weeks of being healthy she had a relapse and the sickness came back. (see also: recoup, backslide)


healthy, strong, hearty, vigorous

The team started the game floundering, but then their playing became more robust and they won.

(see also: poise, glib, suave, taciturn, vibrant)


to easily beat, crush, trounce

The teams were so uneven that the game was a rout.

(see also: coup, falter, flounder)


split, break, separation

In colonial America, there was a schism over whether to fight for independence or to be a loyalist.


smooth, polite, charming, courteous

We believe him because he had poise and was suave.

(see also: fop, natty, poise, glib, robust, taciturn, vibrant)


silent, quiet, seeming cold & uncaring

The taciturn man sat in the corner all evening just watching us talk. (see also: glib, robust, suave, vibrant)


1)     lively, exciting, bubbly, talkative
Her illness was long gone and she was robust and vibrant again. (see also: glib, robust, suave, taciturn)

2)    bright, dazzling, colorful
Somehow she mixed the paint colors so that her rainbow picture was vibrant and realistic.


straight overhead, very top, highest point

When the North Star is at your zenith it means you are standing at the North Pole. (see also: pinnacle)